Jan. 7th, 2017

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Dear Chocolatier,

Thanks so much for creating for me! This is going up late, sorry, so if you've started something already, run with it - really, I just would like to spend more time in these worlds with these characters.

General likes:

Worldbuilding, action, humour (witty dialogue or slapstick), friendship, teamwork, food & mealtimes, moments that change people for the better. Happy or bittersweet endings.

Do not wants:

Child/animal harm or death. Earthquakes. Non canonical character death. Non con. Mundane AUs (except FFVII), ABO, mpreg.


Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Zack Fair/Cloud Strife
Zack Fair and Cloud Strife

I played this for the first time in the aftermath of the Christchurch 2011 earthquake, and not only is it a fabulous game in its own right but it was the best possible distraction. I love Cloud, and I'd love to see him happy (despite all his own attempts to ensure the opposite!), and, well, obviously it would help if Zack were around. Friendship or relationship fine, although if you go with relationship, please don't erase Aerith. Ideas - well, pre-game bonding, either in the military or out socialising in Midgar? En route to Nibelheim, especially if you can work in a chocobo or two? (or any of the game stuff, phoenix downs and materia and all) Given events of canon I am more than happy with canon AU or other AUs, and I'd be thrilled if you could give them a happy(ish) ending.

Gundam Wing

Chang Wufei/Duo Maxwell
Chang Wufei/Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)
Chang Wufei & Duo Maxwell
Sally Po & Chang WufeiFanart Fanfiction

Basically I love this series and its completely incomprehensible approach to space warfare, and I am especially fond of Wufei for his grumpiness and actual competence (I am less keen on his misogyny and would prefer to see this not being a major feature). As per tags, I am not particularly attached to any one pairing, or indeed a pairing at all. I would prefer to keep to canon but canon AUs are fine; I love space battles, space colonies, people repairing their Gundams, and am also fond of the total fanfic cliche of hiding out in a safehouse.

Babylon 5

Delenn/John Sheridan
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters
Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari
Susan Ivanova & John Sheridan

This is really my "I love everyone in this bar!" fandom (well. Except Byron, but fortunately he wasn't nominated). I still think it's one of the best TV series when considered as a whole. I would love to see anything with any of the nominated characters and would find it impossible to pick a favourite out of them. I am actually really fond of the low-key moments in canon as well as the universe-changing, and I love the moments when cultures collide. How about a banquet (or state meal, or picnic, or hideaway obscure alien restaurant)? A visit? A diplomatic incident?

Artwise, I like cool stuff and quiet moments, interesting styles and pieces that make me appreciate characters all over again.

But anyway - I hope you enjoy your assignment!!


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