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The ending actually made me cry. Brilliant game.
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I have finished Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and have a half-drafted post about it somewhere, but basically a) looks gorgeous, with visuals by Studio Ghibli and b) unfortunately nowhere near as much work has gone into the characters. I started playing Final Fantasy VI and within three hours had more feelings about most of the playable characters than I did at the end of Ni no Kuni, not to mention that so far there are two playable female characters who are interesting and complex people (as opposed to, um, none).

Anyway. I will get back to FFVI, but I have actually mainly been playing Ghost Trick (on the iPad), which is fabulous. Fascinating gimmick, great story, nifty plotting that I don't see coming, neatly dry sense of humour, and I care far too much about everybody, especially Missile (who is a tiny apartment Pomeranian with big dreams). Basically, I am dead and am investigating (initially) my own murder, aided by being able to manipulate certain objects in a limited fashion and, when I find other dead bodies, being able to rewind time back to four minutes before their death. The sheer amount of story the game designers get out of this is just brilliant, and I am currently doing that thing where I really want to find out what happens next, but I don't want it to be over.
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... my friends and I have just given a comedy duo back the energy they need to be successful, in order to get them to make the Fairy Godmother (the fairies' giant matriarch) laugh so loudly that we can be launched inside her open mouth via canon to the Faycare Centre somewhere in her intestines, where all the developing fairies are learning about the world, as apparently they are currently refusing to come out and need to be (somehow) extracted. The artwork is all pastels and chalk drawings and is Deeply Disturbing.

(I am also fond of the line about the seagull carrying a page with a levitation spell on it... because it likes "light reading")
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I hadn't realised that Dragon Age Awakenings existed as a more immediate sequel! I am now playing that, as one evening of Silent Hill was enough to give me Silent Hill-related nightmares (I will go back to it. Probably). Anyway, I am currently enjoying being me again, although my arms seem to have stuck. I have just done a bunch of cut scenes and am running around a keep with my arms held out as if I'm waltzing with someone completely invisible.
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I am now attempting to defeat the archdemon and failing miserably, mainly because I have been coasting on easy difficulty rather than developing actual team-using strategies, and it is now coming back to bite me. Also, I was feverish while playing last night, and it didn't occur to me until after my party had been wiped out half a dozen times that I could call up the armies to help. Anyway, persistence will no doubt get me through eventually. For those of you concerned about my romantic life, I have hooked up with Zevran in a tasteful campfire sequence, and then despite Wynne suddenly lecturing me on getting attached to unsuitable people, have managed to have slightly more deep and meaningful conversations, to the extent that he has now given me my very own earring (disappointingly, I don't seem to be wearing it).

I have given up on Alistair (honestly, we wrestled a guard together in our underwear, and he still didn't appear remotely interested) and have metaphorically slapped him about a bit, told him to toughen up and marry himself off to the King's widow in order to secure the throne. I feel that my character is probably doing this for noble self-sacrificing reasons in order to make Alistair "happy", although as a player who is not that fond of Anora (the queen) I suspect I'm a bit more petty.

I now have the Mass Effect 3 DLC extended ending, but what I don't seem to have is a convenient save that doesn't involve me having to shoot ALL THE THINGS again. So in a fit of pique, this evening I downloaded Silent Hill, and have now creeped myself out completely and died twice. Man. I remember watching my flatmate play this, and having it creep us all out then, and it hasn't lost any of that effect. Amplified by having really, really annoying controls, so I can see an awful lot of deaths in my future as I fail to run in anything like the right direction.


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