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I finally found the file I'd stuck these in and figured I'd post them. Am further on with the current story, although starting to circle somewhat.

Earthshock (PD, 122).This is not so much remembering my childhood trauma as reliving it. )

Sound only

Aug. 20th, 2006 07:01 pm
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Storm Warning – the first of the Paul McGann Doctor Who audios. I’ve held the same view as Vince and Stuart on the 8th Doctor since the tv movie, and although I liked bits of this it hasn’t strongly convinced me the other way.Vague spoilers )

Phantasmagoria – first Peter Davison audio, written by Mark Gatiss.I’m a bit hit and miss on Mark’s stuff. )
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The King’s Demons (PD, 129). Aha. This is more what I was worried about when I started re-watching Doctor Who – finding episodes with moments that make me close my eyes and slide ungracefully off the sofa in embarrassment.

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Pyramids of Mars (TB, 82). Also very good. A quick check on the fringes of Outpost Gallifrey suggests I have hit another good one (I knew City of Death was) and there may be many lesser episodes lurking in my future, rife with poorly costumed villains, alien quarries and unbelievably bad dialogue (although please, nothing as bad as Blake’s Seven’s The Warriors of Kairos, a permanent scar on my memory).

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Watching old school Doctor Who eps, as a form of procrastination. The last time I tried this, at least two doctors ago, I was watching them on video, which is a technology currently unavailable to me; this is unfortunate, as I never finished the Black Guardian arc and the BBC DVD release schedule mocks any plans I had to rectify this. Numbering system from the Wikipaedia list, initials of Doctor in question because I'm not memorising all that chronology, nor am I about to look it up each time for reference.

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