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This series has a cheerfully enthusiastic approach to breaking the fourth wall; at the start of the third volume, there's a wordless sequence in which Klaus' alarm goes off, he gets up, gets out of bed, walks into the bathroom, starts unbuttoning his pyjama top - and then glares out of the final panel at the viewers with a look of annoyed disdain, and the next panel is a door slamming, and sounds of what I think are showering ("za", "go-shi" and "pi-cha", if that helps). I am also fond of the bit in which James attempts to cheer up the Earl by pointing out that he is the only character whose name appears in the title.

Anyway. In the fourth volume, Eroica steals the Pope (a mostly sleeping and surprisingly portable John Paul II), which while admirable in scope is an achievement that actually does get him into quite a bit of trouble.

Assorted action. )
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This is the volume that hooked me on this series. It's partly that the conflict between Klaus and Eroica has become the main driver of the narrative, and partly that the second story in this has some great action scenes (Klaus has one chance to shoot out a bomb on a bridge ahead of the out-of-control train he's currently balanced on the roof of, for example), and mostly because this particular story suddenly reminded me very strongly and fondly of my childhood.

In which I describe my formative years as an international art thief and NATO agent. )
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I am miles behind on book logging and have a whole host of half-done posts. So, this is about a volume of manga that I read last year, and is entirely for me.

From Eroica with Love, v1, Aoike Yasuko. )
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Trying to keep a better record of the manga I read.

Natsume Ono, House of the Five Leaves (v.1)
Fumi Yoshinaga, Not Love but Delicious Food (v.1? Think it's a stand-alone, although I'd happily read a sequel).
Takanaga Hinako, Kimi ga koi ni oboreru (v. 1-3), Love Round (1 vol), Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda (1 vol), Tyrant Who Falls in Love (latest chapter, DVD extra, re-read of this and Challengers for review purposes, the Aru Hi Mori no Naka dj...).

I am also about 50 pages from the end of volume 1 of Bunny Drop, and might get to that tonight.


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