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Forgot at least one book in my last post. Gillian Bradshaw, The elixir of youth. I do wish she'd go back to writing classical novels. )

Dick Francis, 10lb Penalty. Father/son bonding. )

Reginald Hill, Ruling Passion. Peter and Ellie arrive for a weekend away with old college friends, and find three of them dead and the fourth missing. )

Reginald Hill, Exit Lines. Three elderly men die, but only after uttering last words that incriminate others - rightly or wrongly. )

Reginald Hill, Under World. Just after the miners’ strike. Ellie is teaching some of the miners on a day release program, while an old disappearance becomes important again. )
It's just struck me how many of the Dalziel and Pascoe books feature old crimes, and their contemporary after-effects. Will have to think about this.
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I haven't yet watched either of the last two Torchwood episodes, but I have written 1200 words of fiction, which, in the long term, is hopefully more useful. And I seem to have read rather a lot of books...

David Marusek, Counting Heads. )

Liz Williams, Banner of Souls. )

R.S. Downie, Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls. )

Gillian Bradshaw, The Wrong Reflection. )

Two unpublished novels, for critique. (counted here for completeness, but no comments. I read one of them 4 times and wrote 25 pages, so feel little need to say anything else at the moment!).


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