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It took me two episodes of QI this time before I watched the latest Torchwood episode, which is a worrying trend. Anyway.

Torchwood 1.4, Cyberwoman. )
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I actually ended up watching QI last night rather than the new Torchwood, which is a bit worrying, but I think this episode has given me more hope. I've also just been poking round on the Torchwood Institute website - very cool, although it's a shame that Yoshiko gets more personality in a couple of memos and im chats than she has so far in three episodes. Anyway.

Torchwood 1.3, Ghost Machine. )
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The Ninth Doctor series gave me back my love of Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor, so far, drove me back to classic Doctor Who, because I'd much rather deal with shoddy special effects and an overfondness for eyeliner (yes, I am watching the Peter Davidson eps) than lazy, gap-filled plotting and an insistence on overtelegraphed emotional moments. We all have our personal quirks.

But I did like the ninth doctor episodes, and even bits of the tenth, and I liked Captain Jack Harkness when I wasn't expecting to ("oh god, it's an American"), and I wanted to see what Russell Davies would do with a series where he might not feel an obligation to make statements, and instead explore the story. So here we go.

Torchwood, first two eps (Everything Changes and Day One). )


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