Jan. 14th, 2016

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I have updated my Chocolate Box signup, here - fandoms are Final Fantasy VII (Zack Fair/Cloud Strife), Ghost Trick (Missile & Sissel) and Dragonlance (Caramon Majere & Raistlin Majere), latter two fandoms are friendship requests just in case anyone is contemplating these with bemusement.

My goal for the week is to acquire some new icons. Hmm. Actually, my goal for the week is to work out how many icons I can have.

Just finished:

Jane Cameron's My Friend Cousin Emmie. Off the back of <[personal profile] oursin mentioning them, but I also tried to read a couple of these when I was a teenager and didn't get them. I now have the first four on library request, so obviously this one (mid-series) worked for me. Very well-observed character studies, and an extremely impressive almost unnoticeable shaping of events into narrative.

KJ Charles' Think of England. M/M historical romance, Boer War veteran attends country house party in the hope of finding the person behind the sabotage that killed his friends and left him crippled. Encounters effete foreign poet-type who turns out to be more than he was expecting. Great characters, interesting time period, bit too many convenient bodies in the denouement. I would definitely read more with these two but she seems to be extending other serieses first.

In progress:

Margery Allingham's Dancers in Mourning. This, like the Jane Cameron, was a grab from the assorted newish books (both obviously newish reprints) stand at the library. I've read at least one Campion and liked it. This has a very good first line but I'm only about a chapter in and can't say much else. Set and written mid-30s, song-and-dance setting.

I have started Kaje Harper's Nor Iron Bars a Cage (fantasy m/m) on my iPhone and am just posting this here to remind me. Hasn't grabbed me but am still in the angsty backstory.

Up next:

In a fit of optimism I grabbed another one of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters books (Blood Red) as well as the Allingham. Also, the Jane Camerons, once they finish being in transit.


The chess book I picked up when I was thinking about writing Chess/Hav fic for Yuletide, Gary Fine's Players and Pawns. I have tried to read bits of it anyway and it's just not at all compelling. I also got put-off by the beginning, which describes a chess tournament and says "The diversity is impressive", outlines various ethnicities, ages, classes, races and occupations, and then says, "A few are women.".


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