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What I like hasn't changed much from previous years (including this sentence, which is copied over from multiple other letters!). I like plot, humour, and justified angst, singly or simultaneously. I like all the characters I have requested and enjoy seeing more of them. I have no problem with sexual content as long as it fits with the characters, although pages of explicit anatomical detail are unlikely to be my thing. I like stories that make me remember why I love the original inspiration as well as stories that make me think about it differently (and both! both is great). And I do like the canons themselves. I like these characters being part of their worlds, even when they struggle against them.

In terms of writing, I am open to traditional or experimental forms; I prefer past to present tense but if it works for the story I'll enjoy it. If you match on Donaldson, you don't have to write like him! (although feel free to stick in the occasional "telic" or "mien")

DNWs: earthquakes, child or animal harm as a major plot point (I prefer no fatal earthquakes at all as due to personal experience it kicks me completely out of the story, but off-stage glancing references to the second two are okay).

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Stephen Donaldson. - Linden Avery requested character. Linden Avery was hugely important to me as a character in my teens, when there weren't a lot of adult females in sf/fantasy I could see myself in, and I still love her as well as what the Second Chronicles do with portal fantasy, which was fascinating and heart-breaking all in one. I re-read the books a lot and still think of them fondly; the first trilogy not so much, and I have read only the first two of the third and am not entirely convinced by them yet.

I would like; more Linden! On Earth or visiting the Land, and I'm happy to ignore the third series or go AU from the second if you have a better idea. I do like the third chronicles idea of time-travelling within the Land's history, if you wanted to do that, and would love exploring more of the Land (I nominated (ha) Nom for the tagset; I haven't requested him, but I'd love it if he showed up). Outside the Land, I wonder how Linden reconciles her experiences with her everyday life on returning to our world, especially her healthsense given her job, and I'd like to see her finding some peace or happiness there, having healed from her past. I am curious about how Covenant and Linden were summoned to the Land, and how porous the borders can become - what happens if characters from the Land show up in Linden's world?

I do actually like Covenant as well, but I understand he isn't everyone's cup of tea and his actions in book 1 are appalling. I didn't nominate him as a character and don't have strong feelings about whether you keep him alive or not.

The Tripods, John Christopher. Will Parker requested.

I imprinted on these books at a young age, and then watched the BBC adaptation when I was only a little older (so feel free to use elements of both!). Yes, the female characters are atrociously underserved but I loved the set-up; the division between the toxic world of the Masters and the controlled, limited world the Capped humans live in, the tensions between those fighting back, the body horror aspects of the Capping and the bug planted on Will. And I loved Will himself with all his flaws; short tempered, impulsive, and unthinking, but loyal and heroic despite this.

I have received fic for this before and enjoyed it – a retelling from the Masters' point of view - but as stated above I've always loved Will as a character and would like to see him again. I'm happy with AU - what if the confrontation between Will and his Master went differently, for example - pre or post canon, outtakes, or even crackier rewrites - genderswap would be fascinating, for a start, and then there's all those canonical tentacles...

Imajica, Clive Barker. John Furie Zacharias, Judith Odell, Pie'oh'pah. This is another recurrent request, although I've never received fic for it (and no-one has written any). Again, this is a book I loved at a certain time in my life, and I still admire the sheer audacity of it as a novel and as a universe. I think there's a huge amount of space there to do anything with it. I like all three characters but would prefer slightly less of a focus on Furie than in the book - I think the other two have earned some attention. I am happy with just exploring in the Imajica, or going into the characters' pasts or futures (if you can manage that!). I love the way art runs through this book (painting, theatre, magic), and anything around an artwork or a performance – making, taking, destroying – would be fabulous. In this fandom, I'm happy with explicit sex, although I'd like something else to happen as well during the story.

Banana Fish Okumura Eiji. This manga series pretty much broke me - it's brilliant and tragic and totally over-the-top in a way that manages to be somehow completely convincing emotionally. You can find recaps of all but the last volume on the banana fish tag - I did write notes on the last volume but could never quite manage to type them up and make it that final.

I asked for Eiji - I'm happy with any of the other tagset characters and, really, you can pretty much do anything with this (this is the fandom where I am totally open to cracky AUs - space, post-apocalypse, French Revolution, secretly a robot) but I am also happy to just have more time with Eiji. Before the manga, during or after - the glimpse we get of him afterwards did pretty much have me sobbing into my pillow, but if you can find a way to go on from that I'd love to see it. I would love to see him doing something with photography, in the US or Japan, and getting to see him in his areas of competence. I am not really looking for fix-it fic - if you are going to change Ash's fate, I'd prefer it not to be the only change (i.e. in a wild AU, fine, but not as the story as it stands but the ending different.

Anyway. These are all optional details, and you should feel free to go where your story takes you! I hope you enjoy writing it - I am very much looking forward to reading it.
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