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Jan. 24th, 2013 09:22 pm
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Lisa Henry, He is Worthy. Rome, 68AD, and the Emperor Nero is busy running the place into the ground with state-sanctioned murder and sexual decadence. Senna, a friend of Nero’s (one of the few he hasn’t turned against) has the job of telling patricians when they’ve lost Nero’s favour and need to kill themselves; he is sickened by what Nero has become, and recruits one of Nero’s new sex slaves, Aenor (a Bructeri trader) to kill Nero for him.

Lisa Henry, He is Worthy. )

Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton, Second Hand. This was just the right amount of sweet and fuzzy, much to my surprise (I read about half of it at the dog park, which was also the ideal setting). I had wondered whether combining these two authors would skew more towards explicit sex or total sap (Heidi Cullinan’s extremes), but instead it’s worked rather well, without my feeling too trapped by the small town setting (more of a Marie Sexton thing).

Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton, Second Hand. )
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A recent binge which is still ongoing. I'd recommend the second of these with caveats, and the third with the disclaimer that I loved it but may well be hopelessly biased. And you can find me being snarky - with spoilers - about the first one, behind this cut:

Fyn Alexander, Rentboy. )

Lisa Henry, Dark Space. )

L.A. Witt. From Out in the Cold. )


Jun. 5th, 2012 10:22 pm
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So. I have moved cities (again), and am now in one that is slightly warmer and definitely more tectonically stable. All my books are currently still in boxes, and may be there for a bit while I work out what to do about shelving (behind heat pump and external painting in the list of important big house things, unfortunately). The dog is adapting to his new environment and has completely recovered from the surgery he ended up having the week before we both moved (removal of his anal glands, very glamorous). Hmm. Somehow, this does not automatically lead into a discussion of book reviews.

I am miles behind on these anyway. Here, have an assortment of brief and possibly not all that tactful reviews that will hopefully represent some of my recent reading:

Suzanne Brockmann, Dark of Night. )

Erin Dionne, The total tragedy of a girl named Hamlet. )

Marie Sexton, Blind Space. )

Lisa Henry, The Island. )

The last two reviews have also appeared on GoodReads, if they look familiar, as I finally gave into badgering (you know who you are) and signed up there. I’m not entirely convinced that the site works for me (I hate rating books, so I don't, and I’m also really lazy about logging them, so it’s also way behind), but if you want to know who I am there, just ask.


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