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Having suddenly remembered what I use this thing for. This is not likely to be an exhaustive list, because even my normal disorganisation has been boosted by the earthquake.

Gladys Mitchell, Tom Brown's Body
Emily Horner, A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
Joelle Anthony, Restoring Harmony
Nalini Singh, Angel Blood
Lynn Viehl, If Angels Burn
Jordan Castillo Price, Among the Living
Jordan Castillo Price, Criss Cross
Jordan Castillo Price, Body and Soul
Jordan Castillo Price, Secrets
Matt Wyman, Oink! My life with Minipigs
Josephine Elder, Evelyn Finds Herself
Karen Healey, The Shattering (ARC)
Clare Dunkle, The Sky Inside
Jo Walton, Amongst Others
Josh Lanyon, Fair Game
Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver
Josh Lanyon, Somebody Killed His Editor (re-read)
Josh Lanyon, All She Wrote (re-read)
Josh Lanyon, The Dark Horse

Yes, I re-read books that I read barely a month ago. I opened the files up in Stanza to "check something", and before I knew it I'd read them again. I have also re-read most of the first Adrien English book under the feeble but inescapable pretext of planning to write a review of the whole bunch.

Also, I spent some of my post-earthquake time staying with a friend who is desperate to convert me to paranormal romance. Those of you who are fond of suspense will have to wait until the reviews to see if it worked (those of you who aren't: no).
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