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I have remembered 2 more books I read last year and misplaced the third one; so, in lieu of a review, how about a list of all the books I've read so far this year that I've also not yet reviewed?

Stephen King, Full Dark, No Stars.
Kenneth Lillington, Giving up the Ghost.
Josh Lanyon, Fatal Shadows.
Josh Lanyon, A Dangerous Thing.
Josh Lanyon, The Hell You Say.
Josh Lanyon, Death of a Pirate King.
Josh Lanyon, The Dark Tide.
Josh Lanyon, Somebody Killed His Editor.
Josh Lanyon, All She Wrote.
Josh Lanyon, Dangerous Ground (three novellas).
Sidney Sheldon, Nothing Lasts Forever.
Reader's Digest, Laughter, the best medicine.

I am torn between providing explanations and letting them all stand alone, just to encourage me to write them up quicker, but I do feel compelled to mention that I read the last two while on a farm with no internet access and a limited book supply. While there I also flicked through a very bad racing novel by that person with a ridiculously similar name to Dick Francis, and read large chunks of a terrifyingly dictatorial Lady's Handbook from the 1940s (mainly the bits on dealing with infections pre-antibiotics, although the crusade against masturbation was also entertainingly awful in the degree of guilt and damage it was likely to inflict).
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